the best kept SECRET the SELF-HELP  industry DOesn't want you to know is...

"Will power ALONE is not enough to create the long lasting CHANGE you desire"

But there is an alternative!

I can help you overcome...

  • Anxiety/Depression: Rapid relief from anxiety and depression with lasting results.
  • Addiction: Quick and effective treatment and strategies to overcome addiction for good.
  • Weight Loss: Fast and sustainable weight loss treatment, to help you regain that lost confidence.
  • Fear/Phobia's: Immediate and permanent elimination of illogical fear and phobias.
  • Procrastination: Stop procrastinating immediately with long lasting change.

"Lets talk about something before you go any further" 

My therapy service IS NOT for you if:

  • You secretly like your problems, because they get you sympathy..
  • You are someone who finds their problem so familiar that change is scary.   
  • You pretend your problem isn’t a problem. It is!
  • Your difficulties are a handy excuse to avoid life.

My therapy services IS for you if:

  • You are someone who's problems make them feel pathetic, and you hate it
  • You are someone who is tired of being a slave to your own mind. 
  • Fear is stealing your life experiences. Enough is enough 
  • You are someone who is desperate to reclaim their life.

if you are ready to take that first step, then click the button below for your free transformative consultation.

my mission.

Achieving your goals

I deliver rapid, long-lasting results, giving my clients confidence in my ability to make a real, long lasting difference.


I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of clients, demonstrating a proven track record that assures you that YOU are in capable, and experienced hands.


I’m fully qualified in all my therapy techniques and stay up to date with continuous professional development, ensuring my therapies are always current and effective.

Regulated and Professional

I operate under the strict rules of the Royal College of Medicine and the Complimentary medical Association.

Testimonials - Google reviews

Thanks, Will, for a truly transformative experience!

Melissa  - Google 5* Review

Will is professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

Sherbobinson House - Google 5* Review

I have really enjoyed the sessions and I would really recommend William.

Jancie - Google 5* Review

I turned to hypnotherapy to tackle some personal hurdles and make positive life changes, and Will has been an absolute lifesaver.

Wouter - Google 5* Review